The most expensive mistakes that bettors make

In the upcoming series of articles for you to summarize the costliest mistakes bookies. To earn a profit betting, be honest with yourself and realize which of these errors are committing. Only in this way you will be able to eliminate a shift your betting on a higher level.

1) Do not keep your records

It is simply impossible to keep track of what works for you and what does not, if you do not keep detailed records of each of your bets laid. The ideal way is a complex Keeping a journal punter. You should write at least the date sweepstakes, contests, on which team you bet you’ve got a course, how much you bet and how the match ended. Of course, the more information you write, the better. But it does not stop there. The registration information must be regularly re-analyzed to find out what you did well and what you did wrong vice versa.

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2) failing to identify you bankroll

Bankroll is simply the amount that you have defined and only for betting. The size of this amount depends entirely on you, but it certainly would not be more than you can afford to lose. Never risk money you need and certainly can not lend to gamble. Define how much you bet eg. During one month and this amount will hold – do not send you to your betting account more money even if the amount prematurely lose.

For more information, see the articles bankroll bankroll managment for beginners and for advanced Bankroll managment.

3) You have not created a destination

The journey without a goal is simply wandering. If we are betting you’re serious, you definitely need to define a goal. Say for example that you want during the football season planting earn 20 000 CZK. Remember that the set goal must be realistic. If you have set an impossible goal, failure would wake you frustration. Throughout, you should record how you are doing (or failing) to set out the stake closer.

4) Bad involves dealing with money

Many bettors commits a fatal error – one ticket you can bet your entire bankroll. This is a huge folly. Even if there were no amount banker, anything can happen. Professional gamblers usually bet on one tip about 3-5% of your bankroll. Do not unnecessarily large eyes and take chances. Remember that betting is a marathon, not a sprint.

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5) Are you trying at all costs to make up for losses

Rate bookmakers do not show just how much you can win. Also indicate the probability of the outcome. The higher the rate, the more there is less chance of winning. If you lose, you have to keep a peaceful mind. You can not start freaking out and want their money immediately recover. Remember that he’s not your money – ceased to be when you put a bet. If you try at all costs to catch up with losses in 99% of cases it turns out that you will lose even more.

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Choosing the perfect bookmakers

Odds betting is an age-old struggle bettors and bookmakers. In this article, we will advise you how to choose the right bookmaker and improve the way in this fight its starting position.

Do not worry, it is no science. However, if you choose wrong, significantly poorer on potential earnings. You must choose according to your personal criteria – what sport/league you want to predict how large amounts you want to bet and the kind of service from the bookmakers want.

The current situation and the competitive struggle between individual firms luring customers to use the services sázkovek more so if they are betting you’re serious, we recommend you open an account with several sázkovek. Then you can choose whichever sportsbook at the time offers the best conditions.

Under the Markets offices relatively consistent. Basics such as NHL, Premier League and La Liga will find anywhere. Differences in the menu are beginning to appear in smaller leagues or less popular sports. If you want to bet on the second instance Czech league, you fail every sázkovka.

Offices also differ in the number of special bets for individual matches and extensiveness offers live betting, which recently gaining popularity. The most important factor in choosing bookmakers but the courses offered. Your goal is to find the bookmakers, which charges the lowest margin – we advise you to take some time to watch the courses offered individual offices and on the basis of this observation was subsequently decide.

Which bookmaker choose? Hold the evaluation of the users themselves!

Another factor is the service bookmakers. If you create an account with English bookmakers and not speak English, you can easily get into trouble, because you will not be able to contact support office. From the start, choose a sázkovku in which your only problem will be choosing the right match and the result, thus saving your time and nerves.

On the Internet you can find countless commercials for various bookmakers. 90% are affiliate sites – their owners have the recommendations of the bookmakers fat commission, so we recommend almost anything. Such information is best to ignore, or at least thoroughly examined. An ideal place where you can get good recommendations on bookmakers forum where punters exchange their knowledge or specialized, objective websites dealing with these topics.

Opening an account with the bookmaker is not difficult. Simply fill in the basic information such as name, address, your e-mail address, login name and password. Send to a bookmakers money can be by credit card or various online wallet Moneybookers or Neteller type. After crediting the deposit to get started!

Good luck!